A cycling tour of the Balkans: two wheels, three countries, four days

A challenging trip taking in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro

Mostar – Triangular War memorial

If the visitor just sees the area around the Turkish bridge, they would find it difficult to believe there was ever a war in Mostar. To find this evidence the visitor should walk past the Karadozbeg Mosque and the Roznamendi Effendi Mosque to the Musala Bridge and look at the ruins of the Neretva Hotel.Continue reading “Mostar – Triangular War memorial”

Zlatna Ribica Cafe in Sarajevo, Bosnia

The cafe called Zlatna Ribica is on a small side street called Kaptol just off the main Marsala Tita avenue. Nothing can really prepare the visitor for the inside of this amazing cafe, which looks at first glance like a bric-a-brac shop that has branched out into catering. There is a large mirror on oneContinue reading “Zlatna Ribica Cafe in Sarajevo, Bosnia”

Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina

The most famous sight in Mostar is the Stari Most, the Turkish Bridge, crossing the River Neretva. Although destroyed in 1993, the bridge was reconstructed as faithfully as possible to the original specifications. Today, this bridge is the main reason most tourists come to Mostar and there is a long debate as to where theContinue reading “Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina”