Cafe culture in Buenos Aires – in pictures

Via Instagram, Vicky Martínez beautifully captures the timeless atmosphere of the Argentinian capital’s cafe scene

Cafe in Cardiff

My recommendation for a good cafe in Cardiff is ‘Coffee Barker’ in the Castle Arcade. This arcade has two entrances, one of which comes out opposite Cardiff Castle. The arcade has two levels and contains art shops and specialty food shops. Coffee Barker is around half-way along the section at right angles to St Mary Street.

At the cafe, I ordered a toasted cheese and ham sandwich and a banana milkshake. The shake was presented in a pint milk bottle with a straw. Both sandwich and milkshake hit the spot. My armchair was comfortable and snug and I had tremendous difficulty rising when the cafe was closing. The toilets are downstairs.

I had visited the new buildings built by Cardiff Bay including the Millennium Centre and The Welsh Senate (Senedd). The Pierhead, Norwegian Church, and Roald Dahl Plaza are also worth visiting in this area. Bus number 6 will get you there from the city centre On the way back, stay on the bus for a short city tour past Central and Queen Street train stations, the main museums, and Cardiff Castle. If the weather is good walk along by the Animal Wall near the castle and enter Bute Park to get away from the crowds.