Laughing in Montreal: top 5 things to do in Canada’s comedy capital

Montreal’s Just for Laughs comedy festival – running to 28 July – brings the chuckles but, as comedian Kelly MacLean explains, the city scene itself is ‘just’ as capable of raising a smile (or an eyebrow)

Honest Ed’s, Toronto’s doomed compendium of kitsch – a history of cities in 50 buildings

Once dubbed ‘the world’s biggest discount shop’, Ed Mirvish’s extraordinary retail creation played a key role in Toronto’s development – but that won’t save it from demolition next year

Habitat 67, Montreal’s ‘failed dream’ – a history of cities in 50 buildings

The pilot project of Moshe Safdie’s mission to reinvent apartment living became mired in controversy – yet it remains a functioning icon of 1960s utopianism, and one of that period’s most important buildings

In one month’s time…support Independent Canadian bookshops

Let’s do something wonderful together on Saturday, May 2. It’s called Authors for Indies Day. That’s when authors across Canada support independent bookstores by volunteering as guest book sellers. I will be at the Black Bond Books store in Surrey – the address is Black Bond Books, 234 Central City Mall, 10153 King George Blvd,Continue reading “In one month’s time…support Independent Canadian bookshops”

Cross-country curling – 100 Mile House, Canada

The citizens of 100 Mile House have invented the ultimate curling contest, which combines the thrills of curling with the unpredictability of cross-country skiing. The cross-country curling course is fifty kilometers in length and contains eighty sharp bends; the curlers must take as few shots as possible to complete the course successfully. Accuracy over distancesContinue reading “Cross-country curling – 100 Mile House, Canada”

Emily Carr exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

The UK’s first ever Emily Carr exhibition at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London is reviewed here

Canadian Museum for Human Rights opens to public in Winnipeg

This controversial museum is the world’s first dedicated to exploring the diverse issues of human rights worldwide,