This candle has seen better days

The candle is like the love of your life; you light the fire in the darkness and it burns brightly, warming you, and casting everything in subtle tones. But then the love starts to gradually melt, flowing like saltless tears, drowning the flame until the fire is out. Everything sets. Hard. But, if you’re lucky,Continue reading “This candle has seen better days”

NWW Photo Prompt – The HSBC Stradivarius

When a rich investor comes to HSBC to ask how to shelter their money in a certain European country, beginning with an ‘S’, ending in a ‘D’, and containing the word ‘wit’, the tax adviser immediately calls the company musician, whose previous role was lead violinist with a famous orchestra. She takes the Stradivarius outContinue reading “NWW Photo Prompt – The HSBC Stradivarius”

NWW Photo Prompt – Communion

This is a response to the following New West Writers photo prompt I haven’t been to church for many years. The priest partially dipped the consecrated bread into the consecrated wine and then placed it in my mouth. By the time the priest was at the end of the line of kneeling communicants, the candelabraContinue reading “NWW Photo Prompt – Communion”