British Traditions – Dyke Leaping

This is an extract from my book 40 Humourous British Traditions

The only fatality was in 1671 when Henry de Belancourt starved to death at the King’s Lynn sea-dyke leaping. He was determined to win and so decided to vault across using a small willow tree. In the final round a successful leap would have won him the first prize of six acorns, but he got stuck halfway. Unfortunately the tide came in and because the rules forbid any outside interference Henry decided to wait – however the tide came in for two weeks and by the tenth day Henry was delusional and believed himself to be St Simeon Stylites. He eventually passed out and was draped over the tree when rescued. Attempts were made to revive him, which failed. His last recorded words were “Acorns, acorns, where are my acorns?” Since 1671, in Henry’s honour, the Squirrel Cup has been awarded to the winner of the King’s Lynn sea-dyke leaping contest.

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