Watchtowers, drones and a toxic moat: the designs for Trump’s border wall

Some proposals for Trump’s border wall may look like spoofs, but they provide a fascinating window into the lurid anxieties of middle America

Australia’s street art mecca: Powerhouse Geelong – in pictures

Over the past six months, Powerhouse Geelong in Victoria, Australia, has been transformed by the creative endeavours of more than 350 street artists. The 3,000sqm building, which sits on six acres facing Corio Bay, has been empty since it was abandoned 45 years ago. The six-storey-high walls, industrial staircases, windows and rooms have lately become a canvas for innovative designs, among them a giant piece by local hero Rone

Chelsea flower show 2015 – in pictures

The Royal Horticultural Society’s flower show has been held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea since 1912, with about 157,000 visitors expected over the next five days

Kharkiv’s Derzhprom: Europe’s first skyscraper complex – a history of cities in 50 buildings

Opened in 1928, this underappreciated Soviet masterpiece was a precursor to brutalism – three decades before the term was coined

Take it to the bridge: the Tehran architect striking the right chord in Iran and beyond

Leila Araghian was 26 when she came up with Tabiat bridge. Five years on, the 270-metre structure is a reality, despite sanctions, garnering awards and paving the way for a new, more avant garde generation of Iranian designers

Brick by brick: the building blocks of civilisation – in pictures

The humble brick is celebrated in these images that showcase some of the startling creations made possible by this most mundane of materials – from desert pyramids to ancient minarets, modernist masterpieces and trompe l’oeil Americana

Matthias Jung’s surreal homes – in pictures

German graphic designer Matthias Jung first constructed “surreal homes” as a boy, using scissors and glue in his father’s photo lab. In January, he resurrected this childhood project and created a series of dreamlike and structurally impossible collages with Photoshop. “Working with this program is a bit like overcoming reality,” he says. “If something goes wrong I just click the back button. This is what’s different now.” Taking photographs from his travels, Jung creates incongruous images that are intended to challenge perceptions of space and architecture. “Collages are like dreams,” he says, “or maybe dreams are like collages”