The Death of Ahasuerus by Par Lagerkvist

This book is rather different from other books you’ll read. It’s the third novel in a series that began with Barabbas and The Sibyl. Ahasuerus is mentioned in certain Old Testament books such as Esther and numerous scholars have proposed theories as to who Ahasuerus represents – most identify him with Xerxes I. However theContinue reading “The Death of Ahasuerus by Par Lagerkvist”

Interactive map reveals James Bond’s travel destinations

With Spectre about to hit UK cinemas, Esri UK has created an interactive map showing all the places 007 has visited in 24 Bond films

40 Humourous British Traditions

Britain has many well documented, yet strange traditions, such as Bog Snorkelling, Bonfire Night, Cheese Rolling and Haxey Hood. The book 40 Humourous British Traditions describes 40 more traditions in a similar vein, all of which are less well known. Having lived outside Britain for a number of years, visiting the country and seeing theseContinue reading “40 Humourous British Traditions”

Alice in Wonderland – what does it all mean?

After 150 years, the search for the meaning behind Alice’s fantastical excursions has provoked many elaborate theories. Here are five of the most popular

Curling Pool

The Curling Pool international championships have been held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, since 1921. This rock ‘em, sock ‘em game was created to add to the allure of curling and is a real favourite with curlers who’ve had a bad day at the office. Curling pool can combine the precision of curling with the skillsContinue reading “Curling Pool”

Hairy Legs contest in Melton Mowbray

When people were painting the town red in Melton in the 15th Century some of the locals started to compare various parts of their bodies with those of other people. Eventually, the comparisons turned to the hairiness of the legs and it was noticed that a man called George Loveless had ‘ye legs as hairyContinue reading “Hairy Legs contest in Melton Mowbray”

Words fail me – discovering the Thesaurus

On Easter Sunday, 2009, in the Perigord region of France a local landowner, Eustace Levond, made a fascinating discovery. He was out looking for truffles in the forest when his pig, Emile, disappeared down a hole near the edge of a cliff. Eustace was distraught and brought a spade to find Emile whose oinks wereContinue reading “Words fail me – discovering the Thesaurus”