Carlisle Lake District airport to open for passenger flights in June

Flights from the south of England, Belfast and Dublin to the small regional airport are set to boost tourism to Cumbria

Take the kids to … the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Somerset

Chocks Away! This huge, family-friendly museum is packed with jets and helicopters that children can climb into – and an exhibition on women aviators

Artist launches airline that guarantees you will ‘fly with happiness’

Want to jet off to the best biennales of 2018? Try Angelhaha: the world’s first artist airline will fly passengers direct to shows and exhibitions around the world – for a price

Avenues of trees, live theatre and a spa – why Singapore’s airport is the best on the planet

Changi airport is regularly named top of its class. Now it has opened Terminal 4, replete with futuristic cleaning robots and offering minimal human interaction

Popping to Panama? Emirates plans world’s longest nonstop flight

Airline plans back-stiffening 17-hour and 35-minute shuttle from Dubai to new Central American gateway at Panama City

The bird doesn’t need the signs

Where is the bird flying to? It knows where it’s going without needing to consult a piece of wood stuck in the ground. And it will get to where it’s going when it arrives. What a pity humans have lost this philosophy, at least for most of their lives. Time is the fourth dimension andContinue reading “The bird doesn’t need the signs”

Swiss pilots to attempt first around-the-world solar flight

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg will take turns piloting the single seater Solar Impulse 2 plane that is propelled solely by the sun