Strolling the ancient hillforts of southern England

Here’s a vivid picture of prehistoric times on a walk in the Wiltshire Downs: one of 4,000 iron age sites across Britain and Ireland mapped on a new website

The top 10 toughest cycle routes in the UK

Cyclists – if you thought the UK was flat then think again.

In praise of The Ramblers

The Ramblers organisation is celebrating its 80th birthday in 2015 – an opportunity to give thanks for a passionate campaigning group that has never minded stepping out to make a point. If you liked this post or received any value from it, please click on the share button below and share this post with yourContinue reading “In praise of The Ramblers”

Alluring Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city where glamour and style are timeless. Here are 10 locations that still exude old-school allure.