Duck Quacking Festival in Cirencester

When hunting a duck it’s a real advantage to be able to sound like a duck rather than a human being carrying a gun. This advantage will allow you to get closer to the bird  before giving it both barrels with your shotgun. This was the rationale behind the duck imitators of Cirencester, who heldContinue reading “Duck Quacking Festival in Cirencester”

The obituary of Topper Smythe

I have always tried to see the funny side of life, hence the stories in the book – The Rhetorical Musketeers and other stories. I have often tried to redefine what certain words mean and it can be fun to play with their meanings. I have often wondered whether Shakespeare ever received a rejection fromContinue reading “The obituary of Topper Smythe”

And in one bound he was free

This is an extract from the book Cats with Purrsonalities As Freddie became older I thought he needed to do more exercise particularly as he had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. We needed to try every possible way to reduce his blood sugar to levels where he didn’t need two injections of insulin per day.Continue reading “And in one bound he was free”

Biscuit Rolling from Barnsley

This excerpt is from the book 40 Humourous British Traditions In the UK there are many contests involving the humble biscuit, ranging from building competitions to throwing events. However, in Barnsley the biscuits are just rolled for fun, so that in the words of the original organizer Rufus Moxon, “the biscuit is conserved in its entiretyContinue reading “Biscuit Rolling from Barnsley”

Christmas Tree Topiary from Northallerton

This is an extract from the book 40 Humourous British Traditions At the end of the Christmas holidays in the dark days of winter everyone needs to let off a little steam. This may explain why the Christmas Tree Topiary contest in Northallerton is so popular with people eager to reshape their Christmas trees afterContinue reading “Christmas Tree Topiary from Northallerton”

Playing Card Festival at Willoughby Waterless

This is an extract from the book 40 Humourous British Traditions Playing cards have played an important role in people’s lives for centuries. The Playing Card Festival has been held annually since 1682 to celebrate all the non-gambling uses that playing cards can be used for. It all began when the wife of local gamblerContinue reading “Playing Card Festival at Willoughby Waterless”

Feather Balancing from Rye

This is an extract from the book 40 Humourous British Traditions The Feather Balancing contest has been held in Rye every September 7th since 1673 and was originally begun to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the visit of Elizabeth I to the town. The contest was created because of the local fable that one ofContinue reading “Feather Balancing from Rye”

The Cat under the Bath

I’d decided to have the bath replaced. This work should have been done within the day, but the taps still hadn’t been fitted by the time the workmen left. There was only a small hole at the head of the bath, but before retiring to bed I closed the bathroom door just to be safe.Continue reading “The Cat under the Bath”

The History of the World

As you will remember from our previous chapter of “The Mid-Western History of the World”, just over seven thousand years ago Adam and Eve were deceived in the Garden of Eden by the theories of the evil serpent Charles Darwin and his corrupt, British sense of humor. Their indiscretions were punished by the Lord whoContinue reading “The History of the World”

DVD Golf

This is an extract from the book Sports the Olympics Forgot available here on Amazon Not everyone can afford to buy golf clubs and balls, especially when times are hard economically. In the early 1990s the golf courses along the Algarve in Portugal weren’t receiving many visitors so the club owners decided to invent aContinue reading “DVD Golf”