Kraków’s Lenin Steelworks: a rare view of a socialist realist gem

The interior of the plant in Kraków’s utopian socialist new town is preserved in all its 1950s glory, a fascinating window on Soviet-era design

Derby – Suggestions for a visit

Recently, I visited Derby for the first time. I parked my car at the Parksafe car park in the Cathedral Quarter. This place styles itself as the safest car park in the world. You are issued with a plastic token, slightly larger than a credit card, when you arrive and before you can leave theContinue reading “Derby – Suggestions for a visit”

Manchester’s Trafford Park, the world’s first industrial estate – a history of cities in 50 buildings

This five square mile stretch of meadow and deer park became the great arsenal of the second world war effort, and the brains and guts of industrialised Britain

The secret negotiations to restore Manchester to greatness

Ever since its 19th-century heyday, Manchester has languished in the shadow of London. But that may be about to change