Armenia – Park of Letters

In 2005, the Armenian alphabet celebrated its 1600th birthday. In commemoration, 39 large, carved Armenian letters were placed near the final resting place of the man who created the alphabet, Mesrop Mashtots. The place is known as the Park Of Letters and can’t be missed by anyone who is travelling towards Amberd Fortress. When MashtotsContinue reading “Armenia – Park of Letters”

Echmiadzin in Armenia

Any visit to Armenia has to include a trip to Echmiadzin (or Etchmiadzin), which is the seat of the Armenian Church. This was the place where Gregory the Illuminator saw a beam of light fall to earth in a vision and where he built the first Mother Church of Armenia between 301 – 303. ThisContinue reading “Echmiadzin in Armenia”

Armenia – Saghmosavank Monastery

On the way back to Yerevan I stopped at Saghmosavank (“Monastery of Psalms”) another Armenian sight close to a spectacular gorge, this time the Kasakh Gorge. The monastery has a large gavit to the west of the Zion church. A gavit serves as a narthex, mausoleum and assembly room for the church, but at SaghmosavankContinue reading “Armenia – Saghmosavank Monastery”