Unicorns and selfies at Stonehenge winter solstice – in pictures

Hundreds of people and a unicorn gathered at the Wiltshire stone circle for the winter solstice, the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere

Foamhenge, Stonehenge’s unholy twin, guards its mystery in byways of Virginia

A full-scale replica of the neolithic monument made of foam and deposited in the Virginia countryside combines fakery and sincerity in oddly authentic way

From ‘druidical erection’ to Spinal Tap: a history of Stonehenge as tourist site

New ‘Stonehengiana’ exhibition created by archaeologist Julian Richards displays souvenirs and other ephemera charting history of site as tourist attraction since the 19th century.

Circular thinking: Stonehenge’s origin is subject of new theory

The Wiltshire monument may have been equivalent of ‘an ancient Mecca on stilts’ according to an idea put forward by former museum director Julian Spalding

Winter Festivals in the UK

Here are 10 winter festivals from the UK