Joshua Tree national park: music, myths and art in the desert

In – and around – Joshua Tree the arts and culture shine all year round

New Zealand’s Tāne Mahuta – the giant tree that reduces visitors to tears

It is the largest kauri tree in the world and being up close to ‘the lord of the forest’, a sacred Maori site, is a powerful experience

The Big Bang Theory of Palm Trees

When I first saw this image, I felt l was The Creator at the beginning of The Big Bang witnessing the right-hand side of the creation of our current universe. Photons escape the explosion and start their never-ending journey into the darkness, like a train that never comes out of a tunnel. Patches of darkContinue reading “The Big Bang Theory of Palm Trees”

World view: free climbing a giant redwood, Eureka, northern California

California’s huge redwood trees are a natural wonder. In these breathtaking shots, climber Chris Sharma scales a 77-metre-tall sequoia. The reason? A chance for biologists to check the 600-year-old tree’s health

The Cat and the Douglas Fir – the art of social climbing

This is an extract from the book Cats with Purrsonalities Freddie decided that the Douglas Fir in the corner of the garden was his Everest. The lowest branch was around twenty feet from the ground and the trunk was too wide for me to put my arms around. Freddie stood at the bottom of theContinue reading “The Cat and the Douglas Fir – the art of social climbing”