‘You could say I’m reluctantly retired from writing books’: travel writer Dervla Murphy

In a rare interview, the much-loved author of Full Tilt and Through Siberia by Accident, now 86, looks back on more than 50 years of pioneering, intrepid travel

New Moomin museum opens in Finland

Tove Jansson never took her family of fairytale characters too seriously, but they now have their own museum in Tampere, attracting Moomins fans from around the world

Tale of Dickens’ fight to save Shakespeare house retold in exhibition

Events in which novelist helped save bard’s birthplace from clutches of US showman PT Barnum will be celebrated in Stratford

The retreats where famous authors found inspiration – in pictures

Former president Barack Obama is to journey to the South Pacific island of Tetiaroa, once owned by Marlon Brando, to write his memoir. Here’s a look at where other famous authors found the inspiration to write

Michael Palin takes travel writing prize, hymning genre’s open worldview

Honoured for his outstanding contribution to the genre, Palin says travel writing offers an international perspective ‘completely different’ to the US’s new outlook

Sports the Olympics Forgot – The Skipping Games

This is an excerpt from the Skipping Games story in the book, Sports the Olympics Forgot The Skipping Games take place in Skipton on the last Saturday of September. As the name suggests all the events require the contestant to skip rope during the race. The rope must be in use at all times andContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – The Skipping Games”

Miracles and Idolatry

I have just finished reading the book “Miracles and Idolatry” by Voltaire. I am genuinely impressed that someone can place so much knowledge about religion, history, philosophy, and the human condition on so many different subjects, ranging from ‘Apocalypse’ to ‘Martyrs’ and ‘Cannibals’ to ‘Luxury’, into such a short book. His summation of the various importantContinue reading “Miracles and Idolatry”

Top 10 art holidays and creative writing retreats in the UK

Getting away from it all on a writing retreat or art break offers an opportunity to combine a hobby with a holiday where it’s possible to learn new skills at beautiful and inspiring locations

Nature travel writers on the UK places that inspire them

The winner of the Thwaites Wainwright Prize 2015, John Lewis-Stempel, and shortlisted authors William Atkins and Philip Marsden, reveal the sights and sounds of the countryside that move them and compel them to write

The Museum of Used Candles in Frisby-on-the-Wreake

This museum has been collecting the used candles of the rich and famous for 20 years. The proprietor, Anne Smart, started the museum in 1994 after a Women’s Institute meeting where she found that all her fellow members found it difficult to throw away their used candles as these candles were like dear, old friends.Continue reading “The Museum of Used Candles in Frisby-on-the-Wreake”