Julian’s Journeys

Nun recommends food in Sicily.
These are my stories about me interacting with wherever I am in the world, ranging from the USA to Bhutan, via Malta and Qatar.
This is not a travel guide, but more of a travel diary with some useful information thrown in for those who might want to travel to the same places.
The tales are very local – in Italy, the nun at a bus station in Catania in Sicily was incredibly knowledgeable about the local delicacy, mortadella. I was waiting for a bus to the beautiful town of Taormina with views over Mount Etna, the active volcano. Later in the day, the nun’s recommendation proved accurate.
In Bulgaria, I became slowly drunk when a local villager offered me the opportunity to sample his homemade slivovitz in his garden – all the while we wrote down football results on a piece of paper as the sun beat down from a blue sky.
I report a conversation I had with a super-smooth carpet-seller in Istanbul. He was giving me directions to the major tourist sights and, strangely enough, all those directions went past his shop. How amazing is that?
You can find the Kindle version of this book here.
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