European Cities of Culture – 2014

The European cities of culture for 2014 are Riga and Umea.

If you have never heard of Umea then read the following article:

Funny animal pictures of 2013

Even if you don’t like animals these images are worth seeing just for the sheer magic of the moment that’s been captured in most cases. A tree frog using a leaf as an umbrella – brilliant!

Castles for rent in the UK

If you feel like staying in a castle in the UK for Christmas 2014 or at any other time of the year, here are some ideas

The Richest Individual in Human History

If you believe Carlos Slim or Bill Gates are the wealthiest individuals who have ever lived in human history then click on the link below (try not to read the whole URL!) to see whether you are correct.–the-richest-human-being-in-all-history-8213453.html

National Geographic – Photos of 2013

Some of the best photos of 2013 as chosen by National Geographic


Just in case you thought self-publishing was a 21st-century phenomenon read the following article. On December 16, 1901, a 35-year-old British writer and illustrator printed 250 copies of her first book, featuring a bad bunny rabbit.

Be inspired that she didn’t give up and that she believed in herself as an author.

Travel Photographer of the Year

For some of the finest travel photography of 2013, please follow the link below

Sports the Olympics Forgot – The Anti-Pope Games, Avignon, France

The Papal Bullfighting Contest has taken place since 1523 and is the oldest sport featured at the Anti-Pope Games. The bullfighters, dressed in a monk’s outfit similar to that of Martin Luther, have to place a copy of The Ninety-Five Theses, written by Luther, over each of the horns of the bull. They also have to knock off the Papal Tiara, a jewelled, three-tiered crown used at Papal coronations from 1305 through 1963, that is fixed to the head of the bull. The person who performs these tasks in the quickest time wins the prize of a set of steak knives that are embedded in a wooden block shaped like a Papal Mitre. This is a toned-down version of the original first prize, which was a blood-coloured Papal Mitre stabbed through with a dagger.

@WorkerJulian “Sports the Olympics Forgot”

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