Gdansk – Airport to city centre by train

Hello – the latest information on how to get to the city centre train station in Gdansk from the airport via the train. The central station in Gdansk is Gdansk Glowny. At the airport, which is named after Lech Walesa, follow the red lines painted on the ground. You will arrive at the train station.Continue reading “Gdansk – Airport to city centre by train”

Carlisle Lake District airport to open for passenger flights in June

Flights from the south of England, Belfast and Dublin to the small regional airport are set to boost tourism to Cumbria

Avenues of trees, live theatre and a spa – why Singapore’s airport is the best on the planet

Changi airport is regularly named top of its class. Now it has opened Terminal 4, replete with futuristic cleaning robots and offering minimal human interaction

2016 Trip – Tip 2 – Marseilles Airport

At Marseilles-Provence Airport, the buses (navettes) for the airport train station (Vitrolles MP) leave from stop 3. My train left Vitrolles at 17:25. The airport train station bus arrived at 17:00. I got on the bus along with many other people. We waited until 17:19 before leaving, which meant we arrived at the station asContinue reading “2016 Trip – Tip 2 – Marseilles Airport”

Grand Turk Airport

An extract from the book Scottish Highlands, Caribbean Islands, and more On arrival at Grand Turk airport, the only activity was the maintenance men cutting the hedge in front of the arrivals building. The sun was beating down but a gentle breeze from the Atlantic felt disarmingly cooling. The airport is named after JAGS McCartney,Continue reading “Grand Turk Airport”

UK – Best airports and bank holiday surprises

Some of the UK’s smaller airports were voted best in the Which? annual passenger survey, while larger airports continue to let down consumers. Click here for the winners. Bank holidays are the UK equivalent of statutory holidays in the Americas – for some good ideas about bank holiday days out click here.

Grand Turk, Caribbean

Grand Turk sits apart from the other islands in the Turks and Caicos, separated from South Caicos by a trench 7,000 feet deep. People flying over to Grand Turk from Providenciales – one of the Caicos Islands – will notice the change in the colour of the sea from a light-blue to a dark blue,Continue reading “Grand Turk, Caribbean”