From Andes to Amazon: trekking through the Bolivian jungle

The real-life hero of adventure film Jungle helped set up an ecolodge in Bolivia’s Madidi national park – a wild destination for trekkers, and a ray of light for a hunter-gatherer community under threat

First images of unique Brazilian coral reef at mouth of Amazon

The discovery of the 600 mile-long reef in 2016 stunned scientists but oil companies are planning to drill in the area

Fordlandia – the failure of Henry Ford’s utopian city in the Amazon

In the 1920s the US industrialist wanted to found a city based on the values that made his company a success – while, of course, producing cheap rubber. The jungle city that bore his name ended up one of his biggest failures

Manaus’s opulent Amazon Theatre – a history of cities in 50 buildings

Centrepiece of a city funded by the rubber boom, this opera house in the ‘Paris of the jungle’ is a symbol of Brazil’s controversial urban past, and present

Amazon, George Orwell, and 1984

Thank you to the New York Times for high-lighting the accurate Orwellian quotes mentioned below and to Amazon for providing the inaccurate Orwellian quote mentioned below. I recently received an email from Kindle Direct Publishing in which Amazon told me how the book industry hated mass-market paperbacks when they were introduced in the 1930s. ToContinue reading “Amazon, George Orwell, and 1984”

Sports the Olympics Forgot

Sports the Olympics Forgot, my newest book, is now available for Kindle readers on Amazon both in the US and Canada. The world has many interesting sports such as Bog-snorkelling, Conkers, Egg-and-Spoon Racing, and Sack Racing. Sports the Olympics Forgot describes 40 more sports in a similar vein, all of which haven’t started yet. AllContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot”