Sports the Olympics Forgot – The Anti-Pope Games from Avignon

This is an excerpt from the Anti-pope Games story in my book, Sports the Olympics Forgot The next oldest race is the Greyhound Race that dates from 1621. Here the artificial hare is chased around three laps of the track by greyhounds dressed in monk’s costumes. The hare wears a Papal Crown and carries a Papal Staff.Continue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – The Anti-Pope Games from Avignon”

2016 Travels – Tip 17 – French Hotels – Part 1

The hotels I have stayed in so far have been a mixed bunch. The Hotel Boquier in Avignon is superb; it is close to the station and about 15 minutes from the Pope’s Palace. The hotel is down a side street and is very quiet. The continental breakfasts were excellent. The Mistral in Montpellier isContinue reading “2016 Travels – Tip 17 – French Hotels – Part 1”

2016 Travel – Tips 10 – Food in Avignon

On a day when I managed to get to Carcassonne from Narbonne on the train even though my reserved seat was in a carriage that wasn’t part of the train I thought I would write about some happier experiences. Food in Avignon. I would recommend the following: Bar Grille – 26 Place de l’Horloge, 84000Continue reading “2016 Travel – Tips 10 – Food in Avignon”

2016 Trip – Tip 4 – France Avignon

Another day, another tip to visit a garden, this time in Avignon. Past the Palais des Papes visitors should go up the incline to the right of the Petit Palais Museum and follow the path/road around until there’s green space all around. This is Le Jardin du Rocher des Doms and the views over theContinue reading “2016 Trip – Tip 4 – France Avignon”

Review of Sports the Olympics Forgot from

The following is a review from my book Sports the Olympics Forgot, which can be found on Amazon here Mr. Worker clearly had an enjoyable time researching and writing this book. I wasn’t sure what to think of the book until I got to the bit about Docky and started to really chuckle. The Anti-PopeContinue reading “Review of Sports the Olympics Forgot from”