Places to visit, stay and tour in western Canada

Think western Canada and mountains and bears spring to mind. But our intrepid readers have also explored the region’s First Nation heritage and found great places to stay – one without a roof

Vancouver dumps its freeway plan for a more beautiful future

In the 1960s, Vancouver’s historic downtown was at risk of being razed for modern road projects – only for an extraordinary protest movement to turn the tide, helping transform it into one of North America’s most ‘liveable’ cities

Vancouver – Budget food

Vancouver may be Canada’s most expensive city but you can eat very well indeed for $10, thanks to the city’s excellent budget food scene.

How to undermine food labelling laws

Please read the following story regarding a bakery in British Columbia that wasn’t using organic flour when baking bread, yet still labelled that bread as organic. The owner thought that non-organic flour was too expensive. After health inspectors had found this out, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency did not charge the bakery for misleading customers. The agency said it will take action in the future if a product poses a serious health risk but, in this case, it chose to work with the bakery to bring it into labelling compliance.

Why have labelling laws if you aren’t going to enforce them? How many other products are incorrectly labelled? What message does this send to food producers? Here was a chance to strictly enforce food labelling laws and the CFIA missed the opportunity to show future miscreants that they will be punished severely if they deliberately and knowingly mis-label their food. This whole story is particularly worrying given many people’s concerns about the use of GMOs in food production and the need to have any GMO food labelled on food products and included in the list of ingredients.