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Stocking Island, Great Exuma, Bahamas

Stocking Island can be seen from Georgetown the largest settlement on the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas.

Elvis’s water taxi heads over there on the hour, every hour, between 10am and 6pm from the government dock in Georgetown and the journey takes about 15 minutes depending on how choppy the sea is. The cost on May 2nd, 2014 was $12 return. Elvis heads to the dock behind the Chat n’ Chill bar where passengers disembark. It’s important to note that there seem to be private properties between the Chat n’ Chill and the rest of the island, which means you can’t go anywhere else from here without the use of a boat. The shorelines also become impassable, due to rocks and/or overhanging vegetation. However, don’t let this stop you going to Stocking Island as even in this smallish area there are secluded beaches, which you will have to yourself. Don’t forget to take sunscreen as these beaches away from Chat n’ Chill don’t have much cover from the sun.

At Chat n’ Chill there’s a beach volleyball court, hammocks, and a shack serving conch salad. There are seats in the shade and a signpost pointing to various destinations around the world such as Ilfracombe, Prague, and Port Coquitlam in BC, Canada. These are mementoes from previous visitors to the bar. There’s a similar signpost in Georgetown indicating the mileage to all the important places on Great Exuma.