La Paz, Bolivia guide: what to see plus the best bars, restaurants and hotels

High in the Andes, Bolivia’s de facto capital is having a moment, thanks to local artists, chefs and cafe owners on a mission to breathe new life into the historic centre

Bolivian water rationing – in pictures

The worst drought in 25 years in Bolivia is affecting at least seven major cities. In La Paz alone, water rationing has hit almost half of the city’s 800,000 inhabitants while, elsewhere, peasants and miners are competing for the use of aquifers.

How silver turned Potosí into ‘the first city of capitalism’

The discovery of a mountain of silver (and a new way to extract it) transformed this remote Inca hamlet into the economic centre of Spain’s empire – larger than London, Milan or Seville. But then the silver ran out …

Travel Quiz

Who doesn’t like a quiz, especially a quiz that acquaints you with sites you’ve never heard of. Look at these pictures and marvel:

Unusual Places to Stay

If you enjoy unusual places to spend your holidays consider the places in this article. I have stayed at the Propeller Island in Berlin and enjoyed the experience. I would have added the Salt Hotel in Uyuni in Bolivia to this list although the salt didn’t provide much protection from the Bolivian tourism minister’sContinue reading “Unusual Places to Stay”