Sports the Olympics Forgot – Bocket

This is an excerpt from the “Bocket” story in my book, Sports the Olympics Forgot The game of Bocket is played throughout the Indian sub-continent but first started in Dacca in Bangladesh. Bocket is a combination of Bowls and Cricket and allows people in bowling clubs to still play a version of their game afterContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Bocket”

Review of Sports the Olympics Forgot from

The following is a review from my book Sports the Olympics Forgot, which can be found on Amazon here Mr. Worker clearly had an enjoyable time researching and writing this book. I wasn’t sure what to think of the book until I got to the bit about Docky and started to really chuckle. The Anti-PopeContinue reading “Review of Sports the Olympics Forgot from”

Hobby Horse Polo – Sports the Olympic Forgot

The following is an extract from my book – Sports the Olympics Forgot The first Tehran championships were played in 1936 and were won by the Communist Party team, whose horses were painted bright red. Their captain Mahmoud Ghadiri was proud of what this showed: “We play as a team, we play the socialist way,Continue reading “Hobby Horse Polo – Sports the Olympic Forgot”