‘São Paulo makes London seem like a village’

With its feverish energy, opulent nightlife, culture and chaos, the Brazilian megalopolis is a perfect setting for Joe Thomas’s debut crime thriller

First images of unique Brazilian coral reef at mouth of Amazon

The discovery of the 600 mile-long reef in 2016 stunned scientists but oil companies are planning to drill in the area

From Belém to a new Brasília: Brazil’s cities in the 1950s – in pictures

As a young man, Marcel Gautherot abandoned his architecture studies in Paris to travel the world as a photographer. He became best known for his documentation of the construction of Brazil’s new capital city, Brasília, which can be found in a collection of his work, The Monograph

Fordlandia – the failure of Henry Ford’s utopian city in the Amazon

In the 1920s the US industrialist wanted to found a city based on the values that made his company a success – while, of course, producing cheap rubber. The jungle city that bore his name ended up one of his biggest failures

Top 10 views in Rio de Janeiro – in pictures

On the eighth day,’ say the locals, ‘God created Rio’ – and it’s hard to disagree. It’s a city where tropical rainforests, beaches and monolithic cartoon-like mountains collide to form one of the most distinctive landscapes in the world. Whichever way you look, there are breathtaking views…

how radical ideas turned Curitiba into Brazil’s ‘green capital’

As an architect and mayor, Jaime Lerner led the movement that transformed Curitiba into an environmentally friendly ‘laboratory for urban planning’. The secret? ‘We had to work fast to avoid our own bureaucracy’