The Hairy Legs Contest – British Traditions

Excerpt from a book of British Traditions When people were painting the town red in Melton in the 15th Century some of the locals started to compare various parts of their bodies with those of other people. Eventually, the comparisons turned to the hairiness of the legs and it was noticed that a man calledContinue reading “The Hairy Legs Contest – British Traditions”

Littondale Wall Building – British Tradition

Excerpt from a book of British Traditions In 1842, Jeremiah Spalding built the longest wall in the history of the competition. It stretched 167 yards up the hill and was in a perfectly straight line. However, this wall didn’t win as it was just two feet high and one foot wide – the judges didn’tContinue reading “Littondale Wall Building – British Tradition”

40 Humourous British Traditions

Britain has many well documented, yet strange traditions, such as Bog Snorkelling, Bonfire Night, Cheese Rolling and Haxey Hood. The book 40 Humourous British Traditions describes 40 more traditions in a similar vein, all of which are less well known. Having lived outside Britain for a number of years, visiting the country and seeing theseContinue reading “40 Humourous British Traditions”

Biscuit Rolling from Barnsley

This excerpt is from the book 40 Humourous British Traditions In the UK there are many contests involving the humble biscuit, ranging from building competitions to throwing events. However, in Barnsley the biscuits are just rolled for fun, so that in the words of the original organizer Rufus Moxon, “the biscuit is conserved in its entiretyContinue reading “Biscuit Rolling from Barnsley”