Southend-on-Sea: the arty way is Essex

Paul O’Grady obviously hasn’t visited Southend for a while … The resort where the East End still goes for old-fashioned seaside fun now has a thriving arts scene, too

Food in Grand Cayman

I had breakfast at Cimboco this morning and managed to grab the last table outside. I had cinnamon pound cake and island fruits, plus a side order of coffee cake. Delicious! Recommended. Cimboco is the best place I ate during my short time here.

Casanova by the Sea is an Italian restaurant near the centre of Georgetown. The food is tasty and beautifully served, but I felt slightly ‘processed’ by the staff. This is difficult to explain and might have something to do with my feeling of incongruity at eating Italian food on a Caribbean island. It just doesn’t quite fit somehow at least not for me. Perhaps that’s my mistake for feeling it would all fit perfectly together.

Breezes by the Bay is a wonderful place for a drink and snack if you are in Georgetown in the late afternoon, I can recommend the Dark and Stormy cocktail and the pulled pork sandwich, which filled a space before dinner. The views over the working harbour are good, but the restaurant can be heaving if a cruise ship is in town.

The Cafe del Sol is hidden away slightly on Fort Street and so doesn’t receive quite as many visitors. The Apple muffin I ate was delicious and no sugar had been added, so it was quite healthy. I drank a hazelnut frappe and this is recommended especially on a humid day. You can sit outside an admire the various statues around the square in front of the library on Edward Street.