‘Dubrovnik is just as magical as when I visited aged 10’

The old Croatian city, which inspired Annabelle Thorpe’s first novel, weathered the war of the 1990s and has emerged as glamorous as before

Dubrovnik is popular

From my book on The Balkans Dubrovnik in Croatia has the finest set of city walls anywhere in the world. They’re an essential visit for any traveller or tourist to this most beautiful of old cities, which for five centuries was a major power in the Mediterranean. Since my previous visit, two interesting changes hadContinue reading “Dubrovnik is popular”

The end of the road in Croatia: time to Split

Kevin Rushby brings his month-long odyssey to a close in Croatia’s most charismatic city, exploring its Roman vaults with a guide whose explanations are as ribald as they are revealing

Bay of pigging out – town-hopping in Croatia’s Kvarner gulf

Touring four towns on three islands, Kevin Rushby enjoys fennel liqueur, sheep’s cheese and seafood, while teenage Maddy prefers a papal cake sugar hit