Marshes, mud flats and migrating birds on Denmark’s Wadden Sea

A futuristic thatched visitor centre is the latest focal point in Denmark’s Unesco-listed coastal national park, perfect for twitchers, cyclists and oyster lovers

Vejle Center Hotel

This blog piece should bring some wind to the sails of even the most cynical traveller.

I was meant to be staying at the Vejle Center Hotel in Velje, Denmark today. But my plane from Stornoway was delayed by 4 hours and 20 minutes because of a faulty set of stairs (Logan Air for you), so I missed my connecting flights from Edinburgh and Amsterdam to Denmark. I cancelled my hotel reservation at the hotel from Stornoway Airport, fully expecting the hotel to charge me for the late cancellation – however the wonderful Jesper at the Vejle Center Hotel has informed me that they will not be charging me. I think this is excellent and I think we all should frequent the Vejle Center Hotel.




Bullets at the bodega: hygge and horror in Copenhagen’s cosiest bar

Rosengårdens Bodega is warm and friendly, but has its darker side: it’s the spot where the Danish resistance caught up with a notorious Nazi informer in 1944

Scandinavian Special – Norway, shopping, and Copenhagen

Oslo on a budget:

Bergen for the weekend – see the landscape that inspired the film Frozen

Shopping, Scandinavian style – in pictures

A day in Vesterbro, Copenhagen