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Travel 2016 – Tip 5 – Roussillon – France

Todays’s tip is actually two in one and relates to two separate villages in The Luberon.

The first tip is the view from the roadside of the village of Gordes when you are driving into the village from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Gordes is on a steep hill. The stone houses are a light-honey colour and cling to the slope. Some trees, narrow lanes, and small gardens can occasionally be spied amongst the properties. Gordes village is not as pretty as Roussillon – the second tip.

Roussillon is built on a hill of ochre. The cliffs are beautiful and stand out against the greenery of the trees. Most of the houses in the village are different shades of red, augmented by blue and green shutters, the occasional red post box, and some flower pots, including one containing a plastic plant.

As with Gordes and Le Baux, once you move past the shops, there are few people around and you have the place to yourself.