ndustrial scars: The environmental cost of consumption – in pictures

Environmental artist J Henry Fair captures the beauty and destruction of industrial sites to illustrate the hidden impacts of the things we buy – the polluted air, destroyed habitats and the invisible carbon heating the planet

how postwar Warsaw was rebuilt using 18th century paintings

When Warsaw’s Old Town was destroyed by Hitler’s troops in the second world war, the nation mobilised to rebuild the city with the rubble of its own destruction – and the work of Italian painter Bernardo Bellotto

The Angels of the Forest in Madagascar

Fuelled by the Chinese desire for hardwood the forests of Madagascar are being denuded at an alarming rate. Here’s hoping that tours to this place http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2014/feb/21/madagascar-rainforest-lemur-marojejy save some trees and the beautiful sifakas that live in them.