Hotdog heaven on the streets of Oslo

Oslo’s last remaining hotdog kiosk serves up boiled sausage with fiery mustard. It’s cheap, comforting and tastes explosively marvellous

Sports the Olympics Forgot – Beagle Chasing, UK

On Easter Monday in Atherstone in Warwickshire an unusual sports event takes place that attracts hundreds of competitors. It’s the annual Beagle Chasing extravaganza,which dates from the restoration of Charles II in 1660. The chasing takes place over a number of distances and comprises individual and team events. There are no separate races for menContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Beagle Chasing, UK”

Dog Friendly Holidays in the UK

For those who want to take their canines on holiday with them in the UK, here is an article that will give you some ideas

Pampered pets: the most extravagant holidays for dogs and cats

When you go away on holiday your pets can too, except their break may be more expensive than yours.

Little Known British Traditions – Animal Gambling

The local fish pond was the scene of more gambling. People baked their own bread using various recipes and then played “feed the fish”. People threw pieces of bread into the water and the first piece of bread eaten would win its baker the prize. In 1892, after ten years of  overzealous competition the fishContinue reading “Little Known British Traditions – Animal Gambling”