Travel Poetry – 1

I have decided to try a new genre called Travel Poetry – I hope you like it.

Small squads of tourists heading to the palace in Kadriorg Park, each with a different photo to take,

It is a mini-Versailles according to the locals.

The President’s pink house is there for all to see




chatterers on seats,

duck watchers,

beautiful blondes dressed in black without a hair out of place even in the breeze, sitting at cafes drinking lattes and being seen.

Trams dropping off tourists who ask is this the right place?




shade and,

bright, bright sunlight illuminating the other half of my bench.

People asking is he writing about us?


Fountains playing that same endless game,

gardens reflecting in ponds, and

parents pushing strollers

This is Kadriorg Park.


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Istanbul – Bazaar – 6

This extract is from ‘Travel Tales from Exotic Places like Salford’

The occupations detailed in the museum were those of Nazi Germany and then the Soviet Union. I watched some propaganda films of Estonians literally singing the praises of
Josef Stalin, yet he deported 87,000 Estonians to Siberia. These people were given a small wooden suitcase to pack their belongings in and then were shipped off, sometimes forever, to the Gulags.

Then, in one of those weird coincidences that happen sometimes, I saw that same type of Lenin ‘badge’ that I’d seen in The Grand Bazaar. However, this time the ‘badge’ had a ribbon attached to it and I suddenly realised that what I’d seen in Istanbul wasn’t a badge at all but an Order of Lenin, First Class, a medal awarded to precious few Soviet dignitaries.

Now I understood the steep price in the bazaar.

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