Inspired by Sochi?

If you are inspired by the Winter Olympics in Sochi and want to head to Europe to ski check out this interactive guide:

Free museums in Europe

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Most expensive places for travellers

Where are the most expensive places for travellers in the world? Find out for the following items: bottled water, cup of coffee, glass of wine, 3-course meal, suncream, a bottle of local beer, a bottle of coca-cola, by looking at this interactive map of the world

Sports the Olympics Forgot – Boats on Wheels, Lubeck

There are a number of races in each category for both men and women depending on a contestant’s age. The U-21 race is over 5 miles, the 21-30 race is for 7.5 miles, and the 31 and above race is a distance of 10 miles. In most years, the number of contestants in each category is between 750Continue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Boats on Wheels, Lubeck”