Mostar – Triangular War memorial

If the visitor just sees the area around the Turkish bridge, they would find it difficult to believe there was ever a war in Mostar. To find this evidence the visitor should walk past the Karadozbeg Mosque and the Roznamendi Effendi Mosque to the Musala Bridge and look at the ruins of the Neretva Hotel.Continue reading “Mostar – Triangular War memorial”

Warth, Austria: welcome to the snowiest village in the Alps

The big news for the coming ski season is a new set of lifts in Austria’s Arlberg area. They’ll link glitzy Lech and raucous St Anton but will also benefit treasures like tiny, snowy Warth

Vine and dandy: Madeira’s Fajã dos Padres is a glimpse of paradise

On Madeira’s south coast lies a cove, rich with vines, a new cable car ride, abundant fruit – and cool cottages to stay in

London’s best late-night restaurants and cafes – chosen by the experts

Out in the capital and in need of quality post-pub food? Here are some favourite after-hours havens for bagels, burgers, noodles – and yes, kebabs

Bay of Kotor

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro contains a number of stunning man-made sights, but the true beauty of the bay comes from seeing the mountains sweeping down to the sea. This can best be appreciated from either the water or from the fortifications above the town of Kotor itself. Beginning in Kotor, my advice wouldContinue reading “Bay of Kotor”

Sveti Stefan in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is a beautiful sight on the Adriatic Coast of Montenegro, 5 kilometres south of Budva. Unlike Budva, with its seal colonies of tourists, some of Sveti Stefan’s beaches are quiet. The main reason for this is that people have to pay 75 Euros to use some of them for the day. For thisContinue reading “Sveti Stefan in Montenegro”

Saghmosavank in Armenia

On the way back to Yerevan I stopped at Saghmosavank (“Monastery of Psalms”) another Armenian sight close to a spectacular gorge, this time the Kasakh Gorge. The monastery has a large gavit to the west of the Zion church. A gavit serves as a narthex, mausoleum and assembly room for the church, but at SaghmosavankContinue reading “Saghmosavank in Armenia”