Carlisle Lake District airport to open for passenger flights in June

Flights from the south of England, Belfast and Dublin to the small regional airport are set to boost tourism to Cumbria

Artist launches airline that guarantees you will ‘fly with happiness’

Want to jet off to the best biennales of 2018? Try Angelhaha: the world’s first artist airline will fly passengers direct to shows and exhibitions around the world – for a price

‘The mountains around Verbier are great for flying down – and off’

Snowboarder and basejumper Géraldine Fasnacht says the Swiss Alps provide all the thrills she needs, though she’s not averse to launching herself off the odd skyscraper

World’s shortest flight celebrates its millionth passenger

Two-minute hop – 47 seconds on a good wind day – takes travellers between Westray and Papa Westray in Orkney islands, off Scotland’s north-east coast.

Take the kids to … the National Museum of Flight, Scotland

Two huge hangars in East Lothian, east of Edinburgh, have been given a multimillion-pound refurb to bring aviation history to life. And there’s a Concorde, too