Ireland’s Alcatraz: Spike Island in Cork

The former fort and notorious prison in Cork harbour, once known as ‘Hell on Earth’, has become an award-winning attraction

Travel 2016 – Tip 25 – France – Salses

The last tip for my trip to France is a recommendation to visit Salses-le-Chateau near Perpignan. The town of Salses is about 12 minutes away from Perpignan on the train. The fortress is about 5 minutes away from the station and coming from Perpignan you  do have to cross the track to get to the exit!Continue reading “Travel 2016 – Tip 25 – France – Salses”

Montenegro – The Besac Fort Dog – Virpasar

Virpasar is a village by Skadar Lake. The favourite pastime here is a boat trip to see some of the 270 species of bird who live on and around the lake. My recommendation is to walk over the bridge and take the road that runs behind the Hotel Vir. After about five minutes of uphillContinue reading “Montenegro – The Besac Fort Dog – Virpasar”

Delhi’s 16th-century Purana Qila fort: a history of cities in 50 buildings.

Evolving alongside the rival powers of Delhi’s earliest rulers, Purana Qila exists as a window into the true – and the mythical – histories of India’s capital city

Nassau, The Bahamas

Nassau is the capital of The Bahamas and is found on the island of New Providence. Today, April 25th 2014 there were five large cruise ships in the harbour and the main shopping thoroughfare, Bay Street, was packed with passengers looking for bargains in the various duty free shops on this street. Once you movedContinue reading “Nassau, The Bahamas”

Food in Grand Cayman

I had breakfast at Cimboco this morning and managed to grab the last table outside. I had cinnamon pound cake and island fruits, plus a side order of coffee cake. Delicious! Recommended. Cimboco is the best place I ate during my short time here. Casanova by the Sea is an Italian restaurant near the centreContinue reading “Food in Grand Cayman”

The world’s most extraordinary hotels – in pictures

The Lonely Planet’s inaugural list of the world’s most extraordinary places to stay can be found in this link

Sports the Olympics Forgot – Pole-Vaulting over Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall stretches for 74 miles and separated Scotland from the rest of the Roman Empire. The Wall has always been a symbol of the differences between England and Scotland and this fact lies at the basis of the Pole Vaulting event held near Chester’s Fort every January 27th since 1890. Although Hadrian’s Wall is totally in EnglandContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Pole-Vaulting over Hadrian’s Wall”