Pagan paradise: Glastonbury without the festival

What’s Glastonbury like without the bands and the fans? As the festival takes a year off, it turns out there’s still plenty to enjoy, from ethical taxidermy to wall-to-wall druids

Prankster in chief: why I threw swastika golfballs at Donald Trump

He stage-invaded Kanye, gave Blatter a cash shower, and got cuffed for riling Trump. As Simon Brodkin gets his own TV show, he reveals why Scottish police are the best – and Swiss officers the worst

Glastonbury’s other festival: a carnival of lights in the West Country

For two weeks after Guy Fawkes night, night-time carnival parades light up Somerset towns, in what could be the region’s best-kept secret

Music festivals 2015: compare the costs of the world’s biggest parties

California’s Coachella is the world’s most expensive music festival, while Exit in Serbia is the best place to go for a low-cost party, according to a comparison of costs at the world’s biggest festivals

James Dean Bradfield – Soundtrack of my life

James Dean Bradfield of the Manic Street Preachers provides an insight into the songs that have shaped his life.

20 trips in the southwest of England

The South-west of England is slowly recovering from the battering it took from the weather in the first three months of 2014 – here are 20 ideas for trips in Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall.