Food in Grand Cayman

I had breakfast at Cimboco this morning and managed to grab the last table outside. I had cinnamon pound cake and island fruits, plus a side order of coffee cake. Delicious! Recommended. Cimboco is the best place I ate during my short time here. Casanova by the Sea is an Italian restaurant near the centreContinue reading “Food in Grand Cayman”

Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens, Grand Cayman

Despite what you might be told at the tourist information you can catch the bus from the station on Edward Street in Georgetown to the Queen Elizabeth II Gardens in the Eastern Districts. It is five Cayman Island dollars in each direction and the journey takes between 30 and 40 minutes depending on various factorsContinue reading “Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens, Grand Cayman”

Cimboco – The Caribbean Cafe – West Bay Road, Grand Cayman

Cimboco is an acronym for Cayman Islands Motor BOat COmpany and was the name of the first motorized boat that was the main connection between the Cayman Islands and the outside world between 1927 and 1947. Today, Cimboco is a small restaurant with perhaps 15 tables that serves brilliantly tasty food throughout the day. IContinue reading “Cimboco – The Caribbean Cafe – West Bay Road, Grand Cayman”