Great Walks – Hadrian’s Wall

Walk in the footsteps of Roman legionnaires alongside this world-renowned landmark

Review of Sports the Olympics Forgot from

The following is a review from my book Sports the Olympics Forgot, which can be found on Amazon here Mr. Worker clearly had an enjoyable time researching and writing this book. I wasn’t sure what to think of the book until I got to the bit about Docky and started to really chuckle. The Anti-PopeContinue reading “Review of Sports the Olympics Forgot from”

Sports the Olympics Forgot – Pole-Vaulting over Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall stretches for 74 miles and separated Scotland from the rest of the Roman Empire. The Wall has always been a symbol of the differences between England and Scotland and this fact lies at the basis of the Pole Vaulting event held near Chester’s Fort every January 27th since 1890. Although Hadrian’s Wall is totally in EnglandContinue reading “Sports the Olympics Forgot – Pole-Vaulting over Hadrian’s Wall”