Travels through History – France

Extract from the book ‘Travels through History : France” available here Catharism was an austere religion following the gnostic philosophy of God and Satan as two separate beings – God was associated with purity and Satan with every aspect of evil. Catharism encouraged its followers to adopt asceticism and celibacy even after marriage. Those whoContinue reading “Travels through History – France”

Harlem’s renaissance: how art, food and history are shaping its latest evolution

The Harlem EatUp! food festival starts on 14 May – just one opportunity residents and enthusiastic newcomers have to celebrate and develop the culture of this historic New York district

Haven and history: a refuge in the Italian Dolomites

Bleggio provided shelter for displaced people during the second world war, including Eliot Haworth’s family. He travels there to explore their place of protection

Travels through History: France

Mystery and History in France The south-eastern part of France has an abundance of historical interest. From the Roman theatres of Arles and Orange to the Cathar castles in the foothills of The Pyrenees there is much to see and remember. There are mysteries too. Why would the Roman Catholic Church create a crusade againstContinue reading “Travels through History: France”

Travels through History: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia – Kosovo

This excerpt from the book about my travels in The Balkans “My friends and I think that someone pays them to wear that clothing,” said the taxi driver, pointing at a woman wearing a burqa, “and it has only started in the last 18 months, 2 years. It is the same with the men growing theContinue reading “Travels through History: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia – Kosovo”

Roaring success: 50 years of Longleat Safari Park – in pictures

Longleat, the first drive-through safari park outside Africa, is marking its 50th anniversary with African Summer, a series of events (from 23 July-4 September). We look back to the park’s opening in 1966, when it cost £1 to drive a car through