Swap stops: Barter Week offers ‘free’ stays in exchange for skills

With properties in more than 60 countries, the world’s first Barter Week will allow the budget-conscious to swap goods or expertise for accommodation

‘Anti-Trump hotel’ opens in Washington DC

Eaton DC offers platform for campaigners as world’s first ‘activist’ hotel. Clever marketing or genuine attempt to broker change?

Drink in the view: BrewDog to open its first UK ‘beer hotel’

The craft beer brand has revealed plans for a 26-room hotel next to its brewery in Scotland for guests looking for a hoppy holiday – and those who just want to get drunk without leaving their room

Winter palace: Sweden’s Icehotel opens its doors – in pictures

Founded in 1989, the Icehotel in Swedish Lapland is built from the snow up each year, using ice from the local river. The rooms are designed by international artists and this year feature spacemen and an ice queen

The best travel deals and discounts for Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Devices ready: it’s the time airlines, hotels and tour operators have discounts for those ready to book now. 

Concrete thinking’s in fashion at Brussels’ brutalist Jam Hotel

Budget hotels always offer basic, boxy rooms, but not many are as creative as this alternative gem in the Belgian capital

David Attenborough and BBC take us to Hotel Armadillo – in pictures

The giant armadillo benefits 80 other species by providing a unique lodging and dining service in the largest wetland on Earth – the Pantanal in Brazil. Here’s a sneak peek into the lives of nature’s most amazing host and its guests