The 10 most unaffordable cities for housing … and the most affordable city – in pictures

The 13th annual Demographia international housing affordability survey ranks the affordability of ‘middle-income’ housing in 406 cities – and for the seventh year running, one stood above the rest

How Santiago tackled its housing crisis with ‘Operation Chalk’

In 1965, Chile launched a bold new policy which became infamous for officials’ use of white chalk to mark out plots of land for Santiago’s poorest families. Half a century on, did it really help those in need – or simply deepen social divisions?

Moscow’s Narkomfin building: Soviet blueprint for collective living – a history of cities in 50 buildings

Shared living spaces and the emancipation of women from domestic drudgery were at the forefront of the Narkomfin’s groundbreaking design. So why was this building rejected almost as soon as it was completed?