Walking with dinosaurs: fossil hunting on the North Yorkshire coast

This dramatic coastline is fertile ground for fossil hunters, with 160-million-year-old ammonites (and dinosaur footprints) common on the seashore.

‘It’s like the end of the world, so vast it’s oceanic’: Otto Bell on Mongolia

A new documentary about a young girl hunting with eagles in Mongolia’s Altai mountains casts fresh light on this extraordinary, sparsely populated country and its threatened rural lifestyle

Free book on http://www.storycartel.com/ – 40 Humourous British Traditions

If you enjoy stories such as the one below then this free book is for you. All I would ask in return is that you provide an honest review of the book. The free book offer starts on Monday, July 14th and lasts until August 4th The Beltane Hound Beltane or Beltaine is the anglicisedContinue reading “Free book on http://www.storycartel.com/ – 40 Humourous British Traditions”