Japanese tour firm offers virtual reality holidays – with a first-class seat

First Airlines in Tokyo offers visits to Paris and New York while on board a simulated plane.

Julian Worker has written a number of travel books including

Travels through History : France

Travels through History – The Balkans: Journeys in the former Yugoslavia

Travels through History – Northern Ireland and Scotland

Stairway to heaven: hiking ancient pilgrimage trails in southern Japan

Mountainous Kumano is the holy ground of Japan and pilgrims have been trekking there for centuries. Shrines, mist, forests and waterfalls combine to create an entrancing hike

Vegging out: why eating Okinawa-style is the healthy option

Okinawa in Japan is fabled for its residents’ longevity. A fact attributed to a diet of ‘major on vegetables, minor on meat’. Now the island’s restaurants are making it available to visitors, too

Walking holidays in Japan: the best mountain hikes to tackle

Japan’s hiking boom has resulted in well-signposted and maintained trails, as well as plentiful mountain hut and campsite accommodation. The views from peaks such as Fuji and Asahi can’t fail to make the effort worthwhile