Torun – Ethnographic Museum

This place is well worth a visit and it’s only half a mile north of the Old Town. Thatched roofs, haystacks, and barns in a small area with very helpful staff. One cute windmill and a water mill, plus farmhouses from various parts of north-western Poland.

On high in Colombia: folk tales and park life at Cali’s Loma de la Cruz

The Cali hilltop’s history includes an eerie legend but its present focuses on a park and market where local craftsmanship and creativity is showcased

Why I swapped investment banking for Buddhism in Bhutan

In Bhutan, humans are not dominant, but a small part of the whole’ says Emma Slade on the Himalayan kingdom she regards as her spiritual paradise

The Scilly Isles: life off the Cornish coast – in pictures

The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago of five main inhabited islands located 28 miles off the Cornish peninsula, making them the southernmost part of the UK. The Scillies have a population of just over 2,200 and most of the real estate is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. The climate is much warmer thanContinue reading “The Scilly Isles: life off the Cornish coast – in pictures”

Why airlines need more female pilots to take to the skies

The number of women working as pilots in the UK is shockingly low. We ask five what must be done to encourage more girls to consider flying as a career, how they got their start and what they love about the job

Shops in trees: Jakarta’s improvised street life – in pictures

Photographer Isidro Ramírez documents the small solutions Jakartans find to improve the quality of life in a crowded city with inefficient infrastructure – from fashion shops in trees to wood-store bus stops