Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas

Today I caught the ferry boat from downtown Nassau to Paradise Island. If you decide to head over there, ensure you have a map as there are few maps on the island and there are restrictions where visitors can wander.

On Paradise Island you will find many hotels including the Atlantis Resort, with its 2239 rooms catering to the wealthier end of the tourist market. There is also the One and Only Ocean Club an exclusive hotel where some of the opening scenes from the James Bond film Casino Royale were filmed. On this hotel’s land and accessible by visitors are the Versailles Gardens and The Cloisters, part of a genuine 14th-century French Augustinian monastery once bought by William Randolph Hearst and transported to the USA. Hearst couldn’t find room for them at his Californian castle and sold the ruins to a Bahamian hotelier who erected them where the visitor seems them today.

Visitors can access few parts of the Atlantis resort without a day pass, but you can enter the casino and see people playing slot machines, roulette, and blackjack even at midday. Smoking is permitted inside and there are no clocks.

The ferry ride takes about 12 minutes from Nassau. Passengers get a close view of the cruise ship dock and the western end of Paradise Island, where wealthier celebrities keep homes. However, even wealthier celebrities have homes at the eastern end of the island.

The Largest Rolls-Royce museum in the world

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