2016 Trip – Tip 3 – France – In Nimes

When you visit Nimes make sure to look at some sights other than The Arena. If you are lucky enough to have the Michelin – Languedoc Roussillon Tarn Gorges – Guide, follow the two walk suggestions in there, especially the one that takes you to the wonderful Jardins de la Fontaine. Watch as men play petanque, children race around the colonnaded terraces, and families feed swans. There’s also another Roman temple here and also the last remaining remnant of the original Roman fortifications.

Don’t miss the Maison Carree or the Modern Art Museum opposite. The TER train takes 35 minutes from Avignon to Nimes. The train station is lovely and the staff are helpful when something goes wrong, such as when a train hits someone on the tracks and the line is blocked as happened today.