Discover Petra on a virtual tour with Google Street View

Google Street View has mapped the ancient city of Petra, providing armchair travellers with a video tour of its historic sights – with commentary by Queen Rania of Jordan

Can Middle East tourism ever recover?

The Islamic world’s mystery and riches once attracted droves of western holidaymakers. But terrorism has devastated the industry in Egypt and Tunisia – and even countries untouched by conflict. Is there any way back?

Brick by brick: the building blocks of civilisation – in pictures

The humble brick is celebrated in these images that showcase some of the startling creations made possible by this most mundane of materials – from desert pyramids to ancient minarets, modernist masterpieces and trompe l’oeil Americana

Tony Blair – Conflicts of interest in the Middle East

Read this article regarding Tony Blair and his role in the Middle East. He has to resolve his own conflict of interest before he can be interested in resolving conflict in the Middle East.

It’s time to visit Iran

It’s time to visit Iran – read this article by a traveller who journeyed from the Caspian Sea to The Persian Gulf.

Most expensive places for travellers

Where are the most expensive places for travellers in the world? Find out for the following items: bottled water, cup of coffee, glass of wine, 3-course meal, suncream, a bottle of local beer, a bottle of coca-cola, by looking at this interactive map of the world