Silence, serenity and sparkling wine at Finland’s Valamo Monastery

Thousands visit this monastery in Heinävesi, northern Finland, to experience the simple traditions followed by the monks – including their winemaking

Saghmosavank in Armenia

On the way back to Yerevan I stopped at Saghmosavank (“Monastery of Psalms”) another Armenian sight close to a spectacular gorge, this time the Kasakh Gorge. The monastery has a large gavit to the west of the Zion church. A gavit serves as a narthex, mausoleum and assembly room for the church, but at SaghmosavankContinue reading “Saghmosavank in Armenia”

Travel writer Claire Mason on the Apothecary garden, Dubrovnik monastery, Croatia

Don’t be so distracted by the old town’s 17 picturesque churches that you miss the chance to visit this historic garden, museum and functioning monastery

Julian Worker – New Book

Another day in the life of Detective Inspector Colin Knowles another murder. Bingo the retriever has been finding bodies again. This time someone has left a sword in the back of Edward Pritchard in the local monastery. Pritchard used to work at nearby Manton Rempville Hall as a gardener although all he seemed to cultivate was reasons forContinue reading “Julian Worker – New Book”